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Creating own Cursor and USING them


I have created/drawn my own cursors, but I cant implement them into my
program. What am I supposed to do, to add them to my application and then to
use them for certain components/objects.

Thanks in adv.

Karl Khn


Re:Creating own Cursor and USING them

1.   Add your cursor to a RES file.
2.   Define a constant to represent your cursor position in the
Cursors array. This should be a positive number:

  crCrossHair = 1;

3. Load the cursor and add it to the cursors array:

  HC: HCursor;
  HC := LoadCursor (hInstance, 'CROSSHAIR'); // Load the cursor
  Screen.Cursors[crCrossHair] := HC;         // Add this cursor to the
Cursors array
  Screen.Cursor := crCrossHair;  //Now change the screen's cursor to
the new cursor

Hope this helps.
--- x
Xavier Pacheco (TeamB)

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