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Updating information about GNU Pascal

Hello, folks!

This posting is meant to clarify some unfounded or outdated
misleading rumors about the GNU Pascal compiler (GPC).
In the following we are trying to correct some of the most
common misconceptions before they become VFAQs.

For first-hand information about GNU Pascal, see our home page:

Q:  Is GNU Pascal compatible to Borland Pascal?


Of course, since Borland Pascal is a 16-bit and GNU Pascal
a 32/64-bit compiler which in addition can produce code for
big-endian as well as for little-endian machines, you cannot
expect all your programs to run without modification.
GNU Pascal is as compatible and as incompatible to Borland
Pascal as all the other more-than-one-OS more-than-16-bit
compilers with this intention are.

Q:  Is GNU Pascal a valid Standard Pascal compiler?

Yes.  GNU Pascal passes the Pascal Validation Suite compliance
tests for level 1 of ISO-7185 Standard Pascal.

Note:  Though they are often confused, Standard Pascal is
neither the same as Borland Pascal nor a subset of it.  For
details, see .

Q:  Is GNU Pascal a valid Extended Pascal compiler?

GPC currently supports most, but not all EP extensions.
We aim at full compliance in the near future.

Since there is no official Extended Pascal validation suite it
is hard to say how much of ISO-10206 Extended Pascal already
works in GPC, but many things like modules, strings, schemata,
complex numbers, etc. work.

Q:  Units do not work!  Nothing works!  Help!

You probably have an old version of GNU Pascal.  The current
version is gpc-19990118 from 18 Jan 1999.  Some popular Linux
distributions are still shipping with very old (gpc-2.0) and
even broken (misinstalled) versions of GPC.  You can download
the current version from:

Q:  Where can I ask for help with GNU Pascal?

In the newsgroup `comp.lang.pascal.misc' or in the GNU Pascal
mailing list,  To subscribe to the list, write an
email with "subscribe gpc y...@email.address" in the body to

Q:  What other intersting features does GNU Pascal have?

There are too many of them to name them here without omitting
a lot of impotant features.  In order to keep this posting
short, please find the list of highlights on our web page:

The web site also contains a lot of illustrative demo programs
in which you can immediately see how the features can be applied.
And, of course, you can directly download the compiler ...

Have fun,


(Followup-To is set to comp.lang.pascal.misc.)

Peter Gerwinski, Essen, Germany,
Maintainer GNU Pascal - - gpc-19990118
  PGP key on request - 6C 94 45 BE 28 A4 96 - 0E CC E9 12 47 25 82 75
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Re:Updating information about GNU Pascal

> The compiler supports the following language standards and quasi-standards:

>       Borland Pascal 7.0,

Current standard of Borland Paqscal is Delphi 4.0 (ObjectPascal Ver110).

Robert Zierer

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