QR 2.0i master/detail

Using QR2.0i, we are trying to print invoices on preprinted forms, so if
the invoice spans multiple pages, the client's demographic data must be
printed on each page as the same invoice form is used for each page.
Also the user may chose to print invoices for one, several or all
clients, plus the user may  limit which charges gets placed on the

With only a detail band, a SubDetail band and a page footer on the form,
and the QuickRep set to the master table and the SubDetail set to the
detail table, when QR is called, either Print or PrintPreview, the order
of the event handlers is as follows:

        QRBand1BeforePrint (prints master record fields)
        QRSubDetail1BeforePrint (prints detail record fields)
         (if the details exceed one page then the following occurs:)

As you can see, this will not properly print the second page of an
invoice, if there is one, on the preprinted invoice form as the same
preprinted invoice form is used for each page.  

We have tried using a page header band to print the master data but its
BeforePrint event handler is called prior to the BandBeforePrint which,
so far, results in blank or wrong header when not all master records are
selected for printing.

Some of the master record data is placed directly on the page but some
has to be massaged and be placed on a label which requires an event
handler to be called in the proper sequence.

Any suggestions?