Helpful hint: Creating program groups and items

If you are looking to create program groups/items in program manager,
you will find the following information quite helpful (even necessary).
 After responding to another post, and going crazy trying to find the
information, I thought it useful to put it here in 'post' form.

The information on DDE with Program Manager is found using the Delphi
help.  Search for the topic 'Progman'.  Click 'Show Topics'. Go to the
topic (should be the only on listed) 'Shell Dynamic-Data Exchange
Interface Overview'.  The help item is long (5 - 6 printed pages), but
IMO it is worth reading and understanding.

I went through the exercise of creating a program group and item, and I
have an example if anyone is interested.  EMail me for a copy.

Eric Drews
Drews Enterprises
908 665 2513