Delete Current Record in TABLE

Hello, i am using the Table component and it is pointing to ONE table
with two fields.  THe field I am using to knwo what record I am in IS
NOT the primary key for that table.  I am trying to delete the current
record that the table is using.   I am using MS Access 2.0 through
ODBC with Delphi 1.0

Here is my code:

      While Not Table1.Eof Do


      if Trim(Table1.FieldByName('Categname').AsString) =  
         Trim(listbox1.Items[listbox1.itemindex]) then begin
     txt_category.text := '';

All I want is once it finds the current record that has been
highlighted in the listbox.  I want that record removed from the
table.  Will I have to use SQL to do it?  Why am I having problems?

Thanks in advance,

Rob King