screensavers without screensavers and problems with mmsystem errors..


Thanks for the help you all gave on my opening and file moving
problems - however, I've now got another couple:

1)I'm using a minimised form as a kind of multi-purpose loader to run
a desktop toy program I'm writing in various different modes.  I want
one of these modes to be a "screensaver mode".

I can't make it an actual scr file because then it won't work in other
modes.  This means I have to have some way of checking for mouse
movement over the whole screen while the program doing the checking is
minimised.  Any ideas??

2)  I loaded my program onto another machine last night, and it didn't
work.  I got a mmsystem error - presumably because the system was
having trouble loading my .wav and .mid files.  I'm not doing anything
special with the files, just using the media player component.

This may be a problem with the way the other machine was set up, but
is there any way to loose the error (and  obvously the sound from my
program) if it comes up without letting the user know there was a

BTW = I'm using DELPHI I

Thanks in advance

christian Darkin