Filtering a right table in a left join

How do you filter a right side table in a LEFT OUTER JOIN using local
I have 2 Paradox tables. The detail table may not have matching
records in the master table, but if it does I want to count the number
of matching records if they match a certain criteria. My SQL is as

SELECT m.field1, COUNT(d1.field2) , COUNT(d2.field2)
FROM master m
LEFT OUTER JOIN detail.d1 ON (m.field1 = d1.field2)
LEFT OUTER JOIN detail.d2 ON (m.field1 = d2.field2)
WHERE d1.field3 = 1
AND d2.field3 = 2

As you can see, table d1 and d2 are the same table , I am trying to
get an individual count of each table where a certain condition is met
(field3 = 1 or 2)

If I use the above expression, despite the left outer joins the master
table will not show any records that do not match the detail table. If
I elimminate the WHERE clause then it works but of course the COUNT
figure is identical.
Any ideas how I can filter conditions on the table on the right side
would be greatly appreciated.