Problem with TDbCombobox: unwanted edit mode

I encountered a problem with TDbCombobox : when the datasource is in auto
edit mode, and the focus of a data aware form is on a TDbCombobox, the
datasource sometimes goes unwanted in edit mode.

These are the steps to reproduce the problem:
- A classical data-aware form with a navigator and at least 1 TDbCombobox
connected to a datasource with autoedit=True
- The TDbCombobox has focus
- The datasource is in browse mode
- The focused item (dashed lines) of the combobox is different from the
selected value (data field) (so the dashed lines are on an item different
from the item with the checked radiobutton)
- a modal form is shown by clicking on a TSpeedbutton (so the focus remains
on the combobox)

When the modal form is closed and the data form gets its focus back, the
datasource goes unwanted in edit mode and the TDbRadioItem button goes to
the item with the dashed lines.

Is this a bug?