Using Sheridan Calendar Widget OCX with Delphi3 Pro.

Using the latest Cal Widgets 1.0c with Delphi 3.0 Pro.  Getting
intermittent memory access violations when accessing any form with the
Month-View control.  Have not been able to program collections.  Also
copy/paste loses all of the property settings on the paste.  In other
words, I am having all kinds of problems with this OCX in the Delphi
environment.  Have had no problems in VB5 environment.  

Does anyone know if Delphi and Sheridan controls are compatable?  I know
that in theory Delphi is supposed to support OCX's but with 3rd parties you
never know.  Have already posted message to Sheridan Software but getting
typical slow response.  Thought I might have more luck here.

Burke C. Peltier