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losing data / transaction rollback

i'm using delphi 4 / bde 5.01 / paradox

when debugging an application in the ide, delphi seems to rollback all
changes made to the tables IF the program crashes (ie ctrl-f2 program
reset). that's ok, too. It looks as if the IDE creates one big transaction
across all runs of the program in the IDE which get's rolled back upon
exiting the IDE.

BUT now, my complete non-debug-build application seems to habe lost data
(complete records) a couple of times on a client installation (don't know
the exact circumstances), which is really really bad.

any ideas?

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Re:losing data / transaction rollback


In dbe is local share set to true? I had a same kind of problem with loosing
data and when
I set the local share to true the problem was gone.


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