Access DB with attached DBase files and MDAC2.1

Could someone please confirm whether this problem and also let us now if
there is a known work-around please???

Basically, opening Tables that are actually attached DBase files hang Delphi
when you have MDAC 2.1 (or higher installed).

Simply place a TQuery onto the form, point it to an attached  DBase table,
open up the fields editor, Add all Fields and Delphi hangs.

Using version 3.51 drivers (MDAC 2.0) this works fine. However, upgrade the
drivers and Delphi (or your application) hangs when attempting to
physicsally open that attached file.

We actually reported this to Borland earlier in the year (along with paying
the relevant support amount as we weren't a Connections partner)) and the
bug was acknowledged. However, even with Delphi 5.0 installed and its
versiion of the BDE, it still happens.

To get around this, we developed a small application that allows for the
temporary rollback of MDAC to version 2.0 (and the subsequent 'rollback'
back to the currently installed version). This has worked fine and still
does. However, we were hoping Delphi 5.0 would fix this issue and it hasn't.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Smon Whelband