Getting info from CD


I need to get the copyright from a cd-rom. I have only asm
source to do it and I tried w/no success. Can you help?
Here is the info I have about it. Thanks very much!


------------------------------ cut here ----------------------------
5.03. How do I get the copyright file name?

      You need a 38-byte block of memory to hold the copyright file
      name. This code will fill that block:

      les  BX,Buffer
      mov  CX,Drive ; must be in format 0 = A:, 1 = B:, etc.
      mov  AX,1502H
      int  2FH
      jc   error
      ; buffer is filled with the copyright file name.

      The file name is nul-terminated.

      The drive should be reset after getting the copyright file name
      before accessing the drive (see question 3.05, How do I reset
      the drive?).
3.05. How do I reset the drive?

      First, you need the name of the device driver (see question 2.03,
      How do I get the name of the CD-ROM device driver?). Open the
      file for read/write and obtain the file handle (DOS function 3DH
      will suffice).

      Once you have the file handle, you need a one-byte block of
      memory. Call DOS IOCTL function 4403H, as shown here:

      mov  BX,FileHandle
      mov  Command,2
      lds  DX,Command
      mov  CX,1
      mov  AX,4403H
      int  21H
      jc   error
      cmp  AX,1
      jne  write_error
      ; drive should be reset

      On error (carry set), AX will hold an error code: 0001H (invalid
      function), 0005H (access denied), 0006H (invalid handle), or
      000DH (invalid data).