what's delphi's equiv to vb's '^' or exponent?

lann...@ils.nwu.edu (Eric J. Lannert) wrote:

>This is a painfully simple question,  but I haven't got time to sift
>through anything but the online help.  How do I raise a number to a
>power, given that delphi took the traditional carat '^' for
>dereferencing pointers?

>Thanks a ton,  
>Eric J. Lannert
>Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.   USA

Well,, Delphi does not have pow() in C.
But, it have Ln() and Exp(). So, you can get the value
of Y power of X by the following

   Exp(Y*Ln(X)) ==== X^Y

Jinhwa,Kang (aut...@next.human.co.kr)