D3: Components within Components

I am trying to build a component that contains other components.  So far it
is working pretty good - I am able to set properties across components, but
I am having difficulty dealing with events.

Here's what I am doing.  A TPanel component contains 4 TButtons, and a
TCustomGrid.  When I click a button, it generates an action on the grid.
This works fine.  Now I want to hide the panel and save the contents of the
current cell from the grid when the cell on the grid is double-clicked.  As
a DblClick event on the grid, I can 'Parent.Hide', which works fine but how
do I get the cell data from the grid to the panel as part of this event at
the grid level.

    TPanel - Parent
        TButton1 (Sibling) - action affects TCustomGrid
        TButton2 (Sibling) - action affects TCustomGrid
        TButton3 (Sibling) - action affects TCustomGrid
        TButton4 (Sibling) - action affects TCustomGrid
        TCustomGrid (Sibling) - how to make an action affect the TPanel

Sibling to Sibling seems to go OK.  Sibling to Parent is the problem.

Any thoughts, anyone???