Word 8 in OLEcontainer doesn't see macro's.(HELP please)

Hello all,

I wonder if anyone knows this:

I'm loading a Word-document in an OLEcontainer with

With Word 7.0 (95) there was no problem accessing the macro's in the
(there were some macro's to be accessed with hotkeys, and also a
AutoOpen macro)
With Word 8.0 (97) the Macros aren't visible at all!
(also, the template is'nt in the list where the macro's can be found)

Please Help.
( Ms-Problems 97 .... :-(   )
How do I solve this....

Thanks a lot for your help.
(good suggestions preferably via email (ftren...@som.nl))
Please send very useful reply's via e-mail.
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Thank you.