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Accessing data in Access 2.0 with Delphi

I wrote small applications in Delphi 1.0 that use data in Access 2.0
databases (through ODBC).
Now I work with Windows 95, and I try to convert my applications to Delphi
4, but this new version does not recognize the 16-bit ODBC configuration for
Access 2.0 (it uses the new ODBC drivers for Access 95 and Access 97).
What can I do, as I need to keep the databases in Access 2.0 (they are also
used with Windows 3.1)?
Thank you
Thrse Hanquet

Re:Accessing data in Access 2.0 with Delphi

you need 32 bit ODBC and the Jet engine (DAO) to work with 32 bit
Delphi.  You may not have this installed. (look in control panel,
it will have a 32 bit ODBC icon).

Any of the Delphi 3 / BDE 4.X techniques to read Access tables
will work, but they all need the 32 bit Jet Engine installed.

Jet is backward compatible, so reading Access 2 tables with a 32
bit setup is easy.

You must have Delphi 3.01 Professional or better.  If you are
using the BDE that can with Delphi 3.00 it doesn't really work,
you need the update.  BDE 4.51 or better work with the current
version of the Jet Engine (3.5), BDE 4.01 only works with the
Access 95 version (3.0).

You need the Jet engine even for ODBC.

Andrew Skinner - from NW England

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