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oracle .locate error

We are running into a really odd error, and was wondering if anyone
has a suggestion for how to get around it.

we have an oracle-based application written in delphi 4 (sp 2).   We
originally developed it on a personal oracle 8 backend.  going through
BDE 5.01

we installed it to one site running oracle 7.3.4, and it works
perfectly, to another running the same, and it's completly locking up.
in some cases, TTable.locate will always return false, in others it
just locks up.  with tracing, it's apparent that it's failing in some
way on every locate in the program.  

Has anyone ever encountered anything like this?  can any light be shed
on this rather wierd problem?

Please email response as well as posting them, our newsserver doesn't
always get a proper feed.

Owen Milton


Re:oracle .locate error

we managed to find it!  for anyone else who encounters this error,
InstallShield won't upgrade the BDE properly.  Everything works find
when you download the bde upgrade/install from inprise!

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