Three Versions of New RAD C++ Tool Available
for Desktop to Enterprise Development Solutions

     SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. -- February 26, 1997 -- Borland International Inc.
today announced the availability of its new Borland C++Builder? product
line, including Borland C++Builder Client/Server Suite, Borland C++Builder
Professional, and Borland C++Builder Standard editions.  Borland C++Builder
is the company's new 32-bit Windows development environment that combines
the power and control of the C++ programming language with the productivity
of Borland's award-winning visual tools and scaleable database

     "Borland C++Builder delivers the benefits of true rapid application
development with industry-standard C++," said Zack Urlocker, Borland's
director of product management and product marketing.  "As part of our
Golden Gate strategy to build a bridge for customers between the
client/server and Internet architectures, Borland has developed an
interoperable family of next-generation development tools.  Today, Borland
C++Builder Client/Server Suite shares many common elements with our
flagship product, the Delphi Client/Server Suite, including a common RAD
Workbench environment, optimizing native code compiler, visual component
library, database engine and powerful SQL tools."
"With implementation timelines shrinking and application complexity
growing, tools that shorten development time are real gold mines, and
Borland's C++ Builder looks to be just such a product," said InfoWorld
magazine in a January 20 product review.  "Borland is certainly raising the
bar on C++ development tools with this product."

     "I love Borland C++Builder!," said Bruce Eckel, a leading authority on
software development ( and award-winning author
of  Thinking in C++.  "For the first time, I can whip together an efficient
C++ Windows program without thinking about Windows programming.  And I have
full access to the C++ syntax and features I love best -- in particular
templates and the STL.  The plug-and play use of pre-existing Delphi
components means there's already a large body of reusable components.  This
is clearly the next major step forward in the evolution of C++ visual
     In addition to shipping its new Borland C++Builder products, Borland also
announced that it will be releasing a separate update to its current
Borland C++ 5.0 product line.  This new service release provides existing
Borland C++ users with 16- and 32-bit hosted development, as well as
immediate compatibility with Borland C++Builder.  It will also feature new
incremental linking capabilities, support for Windows NT 4.0, and full
source code for OWL and MFC.

Oracle to License Borland C++Builder Technology
     As announced earlier this month in a worldwide, non-exclusive agreement,
Oracle Corp. will license Borland's C++ and Java development technologies
for use with Oracle database systems and application development tools.
Under the terms of this agreement, Oracle will integrate and distribute
Borland C++Builder and JBuilder? software tools with a number of Oracle's
existing and future products.  

About Borland C++Builder
     The Borland C++Builder product line supports all levels of C++ users, from
the enterprise developer to the individual programmer:
Borland C++Builder Client/Server Suite is for corporate developers,
consultants, VARs, and all C++ developers who need to create client/server
solutions and connect to corporate data using a visual RAD tool for C++.
The Client/Server Suite includes high-speed native SQL drivers for Oracle,
Sybase, MS SQL Server, Informix, DB2, and Borland InterBase, as well as a
comprehensive suite of advanced SQL tools. It includes Borland's SQL
Explorer, SQL Monitor, Visual Query Builder, Data Migration Wizard, Cached
Updates, a four-user InterBase Server for prototyping and testing
multi-user SQL applications, and a full set of companion products to
support team development and application deployment.
Borland C++Builder Professional is designed especially for professional
programmers, ISVs, VARs, and consultants who create Windows applications in
C++ for business use, require advanced database and Internet tools, and
want the extra productivity of a RAD environment.  Its comprehensive
professional toolset includes the VCL source code, advanced data-aware
components, a scaleable data dictionary, the Internet Solutions Pack, and
other powerful programming tools.
Borland C++Builder Standard gives individual programmers an opportunity to
step up to a truly visual development tool for C++.  It includes the
special step-by-step tutorial, Teach Yourself Borland C++Builder in 14
Days, in-depth code examples, sample applications, and more tools a
developer needs to become a proficient C++ Windows programmer.
Borland C++Builder whitepapers, fact sheets and additional technical
information is available on Borland Online, at

Pricing and Availability
All three versions of Borland C++Builder are available now from Borland and
major distribution channels.  The estimated street price (ESP) of Borland
C++Builder Client/Server Suite is $1,999. The ESP of Borland C++Builder
Professional is $799.  Current owners of Borland C++, Delphi, Microsoft
Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, PowerBuilder, Optima++, Watcom C++ or
Symantec C++ products are eligible to purchase Borland C++Builder
Professional for a special competitive upgrade price of $299.95 ESP.  The
ESP of Borland C++Builder Standard is $99.95.  For more information and to
place orders for Borland C++Builder and the new update to Borland C++ 5.0,
customers can call Borland at (800) 233-2444.  All prices, including
upgrades and special offers, are in U.S. dollars and apply only in the U.S.
and Canada.  Dealer prices may vary.

Borland: Making Development Easier
     Borland International Inc. (NASDAQ:BORL) is a leading provider of
high-quality software products for software application developers
worldwide.  Borland is distinguished for its award-winning family of rapid
application development tools and scaleable middleware technology for
desktop, client/server, Internet/intranet, and enterprise systems.  The
Company's products are supported through comprehensive corporate and
independent developer programs, value added resellers and systems
integrators.  Founded in 1983, Borland is headquartered in Scotts Valley,
California.  For more information on Borland, customers can visit Borland
Online at

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