Question regarding extracting and displaying icons

I wrote a relatively simple little program launcher app in TP 7.0 for
Win.  Basically, it displays 10 buttons each of which can be
configured to launch a specific app.  On each button I display the
icon selected by the user (stored in an INI file by filename and icon
number).  I am of course using the ExtractIcon API call to get the
icon, and the DrawIcon to display it.  

Everything works perfectly with regards to icons extracted from EXEs
and DLLs.  However, icons from ICO files rarely work, although they do
sometimes.  I've checked my code for everything I can imagine, but I
have not been able to track down the bug.  I am truly puzzled, because
I assume that if I had trouble displaying icons, it would be
irrespective of the file the icon was being extracted from.  At this
point, I can only conclude it is a bug with the API call, although I
suspect this is not the case, and it is indeed something I am doing.

In any case, I would appreciate any help or guidance anyone could

Harry W. Culpan