Custom ActiveX control won't appear in Access '97 Report


I've created a custom ActiveX control in Delphi for use with a microsoft
Access '97 database.  The control aggrigates data and displays in the
form of a chart.  My control works fine as a VCL control on a delphi
form.  As well as an ActiveX control on a MS Access form.  It even
displays correctly when the report is in design view.  But as soon as I
try to actually print my report the control disappears displaying
nothing whatsoever.  Please Help, what am I doing wrong?

Here's some additional info: (I'm not sure what's all relevant)
 - The control is a decendant of TCustomControl converted to an ActiveX
control with the ActiveX wizard.
-  The control should display some static text regardless of all data
passed to it.
-  When used in the access database the control is not bound to any
fields.  (That is to say data is passed to the control through
properties using VBA.)
- I'm using Delphi 3.0 professional  and MS Access '97 (w/ SR-1) on
Windows NT Wkstn 4.0 w/ SP3
- The control displays correctly on any form (access or delphi, ActiveX
or VCL) and in Design-View of an Access Report

Thank-you to all who reply.
Daniel Graham
Paddock Lindstrom & Associates Ltd.