Why? ( was delphi crash my system )

I have 2 computer at home, the faster one is a celeron 333a. 96Meg of SDRAM
( pc-100 ).
The slower one is a Cyrix pr 233Mhz, 16Meg of ram ( edo )

I have only install it on the slower one cause i prefer programming on this
one ( Visual studio is installed on the slower ).
And like i say on a previous post, it's not working. I download the Delphi 5
trial. I install it, and IT CRASH.

I say to myself " is it posible that i have hardware problem on this one?"
I install delphi 3 on the faster computer. It's presently running. It's

So my question, what's wrong with my slower system?
Cyrix 233@233 ( i don't o/c )
16Meg ram ( 4x4Meg, 72 pin )
Qunatum fireball lct10 5Gig
MoBo PcChips m571
s3 virge graphic
Very old sound blaster 16 bit ( ISA )
quad speed cd-rom

Only Delphi 3 and Delphi 5 is not working. I can even play tomb raider 3 on
the slower computer.
Did Delphi is optimize and can't work on my Cyrix?