Odd DBGrid Scrollbar behavior

I am working with Delphi 2.0, Oracle 7.3, BDE 4.0 and Windows NT. I have
placed a DBGrid on a form and am finding that depressing any of the scroll
buttons causes black bar to the left of the scroll bar area, and the buttons
stay depressed.  Also, sliding the scroll bar down or up sometimes causes the
application to hang. I have an OnDataChange event handler in place for the
Datasource that is connected to this DBGrid. I have read other posts here
describing this same problem, but have yet to see a solution. I am desperate!
I have used DBGrids on other forms and have not seen this happen before.  If
any of you know of a solution, please reply TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW as well
as to the newsgroup. Thanks for your attention, Kathy

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