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EPS to Turbopower APF Conversion

> Is there a way to convert a postscript print file to APF fax format that
is used
> by TurboPower's asynchpro?

You could probably convert the EPS to a BMP first, then use the standard
APro components to convert a BMP to APF.

Tim Sullivan
Unlimited Intelligence Limited


Re:EPS to Turbopower APF Conversion


Let me know if you find it.

I tried Ghostscript but seems to work only on PS files. Then I tried
although it mentioned it supports EPS, it only supports it if it has a
preview tiff

Leadtools has Vector Plug ins which supports EPS but it only worked with
their own tools.
And it is a little beyond my budget.



"Ross C. Williams" <> wrote in message

> Do you know of any components that will do the conversion from EPS to BMP?
> Ross Williams

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