Old versions of compilers on Borland site

Found this note on http://www.freedos.org/

>Borland compilers - not for mirroring?
>posted by jhall 1/Sep/99
>In the ongoing quest to get a straight answer from Borland/Inprise
>about the status of the old Borland compilers, I found this on their
>Museum site:
>Old Software- These historical files are provided to the Borland
>community free of charge. They may be downloaded and used as is, no
>developer support is provided. Each individual product contains
>copyright notices that are still in force. These files may not be made
>available via the Internet or any hard copy media (e.g. diskette,
>CDROM). If you have any questions, feel free to contact David
>Intersimone at X...@XXX.XXX.

We all knew this, but the lines that follow are really interesting:

>So it is now looking like you may not distribute their old compilers on
>a mirror site. I'm still looking into this, and also working with a
>contact at Borland to see if they will release the code under the GNU
>GPL. Please, don't pester this guy - let me work through the channels
>that are open right now. Thanks.

Robert AH Prins

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