Delphi1 & Oracle7.3/ODBC problems


I have two problems with Delphi1 running against an Oracle7.3 server via
ODBC on Windows NT4.0.

1. Queries are *very* slow, ten times slower than the same app recompiled
in Delphi2,

2. transactions seem to be autocommitted, that is, if I execute code like


  Dele{*word*249}try(Id); { some SQL code sent to server }


then my entry remains deleted, as if I had committed the delete before the
I cant find any place where I would have set some autocommit to true.
The same code works in Delphi2 as expected.

Any help is appreciated.


Paul Meurer
The Norwegian Term Bank /
Humanities Information Technology Research Programme
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5007 Bergen, Norway
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