Design apps with Voice, Fax, Pager, Caller ID functions using SuperVoice Pro 3.0

Pacific Image Communications offers a voice, fax, data communications
software which allows programmers using c, c++, Visual Basic, Delphi to
incorporate Voice, Fax, Pager, Caller ID, and email functions into
custom applications.

Visit to learn more about 32-Bit SuperVoice
Pro 3.0 and its Software Development Kit.  It is available in 14
languages and supports virtually all modems available on the market,
including the 56K!

Drop me an email at <> with subject SVP3-SDK
and learn how you can qualify to receive SuperVoice Pro 3.0 CD-ROM and
Software Development Kit for only $10.00 plus S&H!

Pacific Image Communications, Inc.
phone:  818-457-8880
fax:    818-457-8881