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Delphi 3 Client Server/Toshiba/Windows 95

I am trying to install Delphi 3 Client Server on to a Toshhiba 750 DVD
running Windows 95. The install runs OK using all the defaults. But when I
start Delphi it completely hangs the system. No other Borland products have
ever beed installed .

Can any one give me any pointers.?

Brian Vickers


Re:Delphi 3 Client Server/Toshiba/Windows 95


You may have a video driver conflict.  Try running Delphi with your video card's
hardware acceleration turned all the way off (Control Panels -> Display -> click
the Settings tab -> click the Advanced button -> click the Performance tab ->
slide the Hardware Acceleration all the way to the left).  If this fixes your
problem, try getting the latest video driver from your card.
Delphi Developer Support
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