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Another Error, this time it's error 117

Hello everyone!

I got a 32-bit driver, and it went past 8%, only problem is it now
stalls on 22%. Whenever it tries to copy vcl.dcu or typinfo.dcu or
whatever it is called, it gives me an error which says there is too much
traffic on my network. I do not have a network, but I thought it was a
memory problem of some sort. So I trurned off every single program that
I could that uses up memory. The farthest I can get is to vcl.dcu, but
it hangs there...

Thanks for solving my past error, and I hope someone can solve this one!

Also, I searched through my hard drive, and deleted the file named
happy99.exe. Hopefully that will put an end to that virus (I doubt it

Once again, thanks to anyone who can solve this, I am very anxious to
get this program running.


Re:Another Error, this time it's error 117

Check the underside of the CD for scratches (call 800-331-0877 for a
or a gluey residue (just clean).
Delphi Developer Support
(I do not respond to support questions by e-mail)

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