Problem with BDE Sybase Native Link at Sybase ASA 6.01


     Did anybody work with Delphi 4.0 and Sybase ASA6.01 ?
    We have an Delphi application what ran on MSSQL server. Now, the
same application must to
run on Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.01.
    We migrated the database from MSSQL to ASA6.01 (and later to ASE
11.9.2), but
the application didn't work on Sybase when we tried to connect throught
BDE via
Sybase native link.
     From Sybase specifications (Arhitecture of Sybase ASA server) ,
result that is an  Open Server that
can communicate via TDS protocol (like an Sybase Adaptive Server
Enterprise) with others servers or
clients applications. In this context we tried to connect at the server
from Delphi 4.0 from
Sybase BDE Native Link. In this context we connected at the ASA server
from SQL Explorer and
we saw the databases tables and stored procedures but when tried to
access an table's field, occured
an error that told us that can't access the data.
   Now we work the application connected at ASA server via Sybase ODBC.
This is not
very usefull for us, because application contain many stored procedures
what is called via
Delphi TStored data access component and this component don't work very
properly with this
kind of server accessed via ODBC. To run  the application under Sybase
ODBC we replace
the TStored Delphi component with TQuery.
        Can anybody tell us if exist an bug fix from BDE or something
like this, that can let us to
connect at Sybase ASA from Sybase BDE NATIVE Link ?
        Thanks in advance,