Project JEDI needs SAPI Gurus

Project JEDI:

is looking for SAPI (Speech API) gurus to help in testing and
translating the
API.  The major portions of the API have already been translated and now
fun part begins <G> - testing!

If you want to become a member of this team, please respond to Mike
(our Project JEDI Conversion Team Coordinator)  via email
and he will send you the latest API files and link you with the SAPI
Conversion Team.

Mike's email:

Also, we are looking for other API translations, so if you have any (and
would like to share them), or would like to participate in a conversion,
please contact Mike as well.

Please note - some of the conversions (with your name) might end-up on
an official CD-ROM from Borland:

Best Regards,