Register MSPAINT.EXE as JPG OLE Server

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right newsgroup for this topic... I have
been on Google searching usenet and the web, to no avail!

I need to make MSPAINT.EXE the OLE server for JPG images on my computer.
Right now, however, MS PhotoEditor is the OLE server.

I need to do this because I want to insert a linked image into a Crystal
Report that I plan to distribute with my Delphi application.  It will be
easy enough to make sure that my various clients have MSPAINT installed and
configured with a JPG filter, but when I try to insert the linked image to
my report, it is using MS PhotoEditor as the OLE server.  I need to
reconfigure it so that the report will try to load MS PAINT to refresh the
image when it is loaded by my clients. The ultimate goal is to allow the
user to provide their own letterhead image to go at the top of every report.

Help? Or perhaps referral to a good resource?

Thanks in advance
David Goncalves