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Lightweight database recommendation?

We're looking for a lightweight database that is widely used
with Delphi, that supports a combination of columnar data
and large blocks of text (i.e. ~10K per record)? The DB must
also support SQL. The planned application would be
single-user, and the data will be around 10MB. The ideal
would be a product whose installation does not load any DLLs
or OCXes that could conflict with stuff used by Win95/98 or
WinNT or interfere with MS-Office or MS-Access in any way.
MS-Access will already be on many of the target machines,
but we have no control over and no knowldge of which version
may be there.  And product flexibility, stability,
documentation, and support are more important to us than its
raw speed.

Thanks for your recommendations.


Re:Lightweight database recommendation?

Except for SQL support, TurboPower FlashFiler sounds perfect for you.

Re:Lightweight database recommendation?


<< Thanks for your recommendations. >>

If you get a chance please check out our product DBISAM at   Also be sure to visit and go to the
BAG (BDE Alternatives Guide) page for information on all of your available
options in this area.


Tim Young
Elevate Software

Re:Lightweight database recommendation?

>We're looking for a lightweight database that is widely used
>with Delphi, that supports a combination of columnar data
>and large blocks of text

No sql but try for their new DBISAM product which
I have used in a couple of apps already and find it to be very fast
and reliable. Only adds about 170K to the exe, no dll's, supports
transactions and runs on any windows network.

If you want SQL try SQL Anywhere and put a server up somewhere and use
our thin client technology ASTA to let everyone hit it.

Steve Garland
ASTA: 3-Tier & Thin Client Tools for Delphi
ASTA Technology Group
Delphi Client/Server NOT required. Non BDE backends welcome!

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