I'm moving my Intranet applications from ASP/MySQL/Informix to

I was comparing using OLEDB instead of ODBC connecting to the remote
MySQL server (which should be the preferred method).

I have installed MyODBC 2.50 and MyOLEDB 3.00 (on Win2000) and ado
version is 2.6.

This is the test query :

  SELECT doc_date, count(*) FROM db.skc_orders GROUP BY 1

test a)
CursorLocation = adUseCLient
It took more than 40 seconds to execute with OLEDB, less than 1 second
with ODBC

test ii)
CursorLocation = adUseServer
It took less than 1 seconds with OLEDB   (get an error using odbc)

Is it normal ? Is it something related to the ADO technology or
something other ?

Thank you