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; Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 13:48:19 -0500
; From: Ray Moon <>
; Subject: asm9812?.zip Dec 98 x86 Assembly Language FAQ
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; One line description: Dec 98 x86 Assembly Language FAQ (Text)
;                       Dec 98 x86 Assembly Language FAQ (HTML)
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; Author or company: Ray Moon
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; 10 lines description:
; This is the November 98 version of the x86 Assembly Language FAQ for
; the comp.lang.asm.x86 and alt.lang.asm newsgroups.  Currently, the FAQ
; is broken into six sections.  Three sections are devoted to general
; information and is not specific to any particular assembler.  One
; section each is devoted to information specific to Microsoft MASM,
; Inprise's Borland TASM, and Eric Isaacson's Shareware A86 Assembler.
; There are two version, straight ascii text,, and a fully
; hyperlinked version,  Conversion program included to
; convert links to 8.3 convention if your browser does not support long
; filenames.
; Long description:
; I have updated information about Shareware ASM Libraries, how to
; subscribe to Intel's Developer's Insight CD-ROM, another assembler that
; I have found on the Internet, more ASM-related web pages, a new and
; small files to download from Microsoft to get MASM.  I added a new
; section on ASM mailing lists.

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