Delphi international application with mixed charset

Last july I wrote:
>I have an Oracle DB with some description written in many alphabets, using

>Is it possible to define DBGrid with a charset for each column?

>I need to show some columns in Italian and some, for example, in  Chinese.

And I got the following answer:

>No, you can't. You'll have to set DefaultDrawing to False and implement the
>OnDrawColumnCell event to draw using different character sets.

I converted my project to Delphi6 now and on the Developer's guide, page
12-7, I can see a mixed charset listbox.

I tried to link a DBGrid with a mixed charset Access2000 DB using "Arial
Unicode MS" font, but I got a lot of '?'. :-(

Someone can show me how to set a DBGrid to see a mixed charset string like
on page 12-7?

Thanks a lot,

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