MDI Window Menu fails to populate after switch D4->D5

I have an MDI application that is using a 'Window' menu to switch
between existing child windows. This application was developed using
Delphi 4 Pro and all was well. I am well above 15 release versions

Then I updated my development environment to Delphi 5 and loaded the
project. After fiddling with a few missing components it finally
loaded fine.
But now I discover that the Window menu does not populate with the
names of the child windows anymore. So the only way to switch windows
now is to reduce the window size from max and then search for the
windows in the mess that appears, select and maximize. Not good :-(

What happened and what can I do to solve this problem? I have looked
at the WindowMenu property of the main form and it displays the
correct menu name. The type of the main form is also correct
(fsMDIform). What else can I do?

The child forms are created during program load depending on the
licensed program functionality, they do not carry any documents but
are 'proper' function forms.
I have speed buttons for some of these forms to bring them to front
(this does work so I know the forms are loaded OK). But the remaining
ones are activated from the Window menu, which is now broken....


Bo Berglund