TRegistry: Odd behavior from CGI Executable (Help!)


I have used TRegistry before.  But I am now attempting to read a String
from the registry with a stand-along CGI executable and it just isn't
working.  Are there special considerations to be taken into account

My code:
  Registry := TRegistry.Create;
  Registry.RootKey := Hkey_Local_Machine;
  Mailer.RemoteHost := Registry.ReadString('SMTP');

This code works beautifully in an application.  But my cgi says it
doesn't exist.  If I change the OpenKey  to ('...\sShop2',True) it
creates the key right along side the one I am trying to read.

As I said, this exact code performs as expected from an application.
So my code is right as far as that is concerned.  I suspect there might
be an issue with the inherent nature of a cgi application but I need
someone to confirm or deny this.  Any light shed would be appreciated.


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