Corrupt Indexes in Paradox 7

Dave McFarland wrote:

> We have a problem with Paradox 7 on a network.  The database is on a
> server using Windows NT 4.0 and there are a couple of workstations using
> Windows 95 (may be upgraded to Windows 98 now).  Each workstation has
> Paradox 7 installed on it with an Alias pointing to the database on the
> server.  Every 5 days or so of use results in 1 or more tables giving a
> corrupted index error.  This can be fixed by recreating the index
> (delete the PX file and put the index back in by restructuring the
> table).  But then a few days later it happens again.  Further, one of
> the workstations has been unable to find the Alias on the server at
> least 3 times when Paradox is launched on it, so it goes back to the
> dafault Alias in the workstation.  When this happens you can reselect
> the Alias and then this workstation will find it and it can access the
> database.

> We have put Paradox 7 databases on other networked systems with this
> problem occurring rarely if at all.  It looks to me like a networking
> problem, but the Client has had someone go over their network and swears
> up and down that the network is OK.

> Any ideas as to what could causing this problem?

> Thanks for any help you can give me.

The fact that people are misplacing aliases strongly suggests to me that
they are not all using the same configuration-file all the time, and
therefore, that they may not all be using the same NET FILE DIR
setting.  It only takes one of these to cause problems; I don't think
that the mechanism which detects "multiple NET files in use" is entirely

Paradox will "revert back to the default" BDE configuration file
seemingly at the drop of a hat.  You don't want it to do that; to be
able to do that.  Do this:

(1) Set up a single BDE Configuration file on your server.  Make sure
that every Paradox user maps the database to the same network drive.
Set up all of your aliases there.  Make the file read-only.

(2) On each user workstation, use BDE Configuration to "open" (and
thereby designate) the network copy of the configuration file.

(3) Now search for and REMOVE every BDE configuration file from the
user's workstation!  "If it doesn't exist, then presumably BDE won't be
able to find it and thus revert to it."  

(4) If you have a mixture of Paradox 16-bit and Paradox 32-bit
applications, then make sure that the 16-bit and 32-bit configurations
are exactly comparable, especially with regard to the network
configuration file.

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