Delphi, Banyan, Windows 95, and MS SQL Server 6.0


Has anyone out there had any problems connecting to MS SQL Server
through Banyan and a Windows 95/NT (3.51/4.0) Client?  When I try simply
to connect to my server via the Database Component, it gives me a
General Protection fault.  It does not crash the OS or Delphi.  It
simply says it caused a GPF and does not connect to the server.  The GPF
is occuring in the DBMSVIN3.DLL.  I have tried every possible version of
the DLL I can get my hands on and all do the same thing.  We have been
able to re-create this problem at several sites.  I do not believe that
this is a Delphi problem at all.  But, I just thought I would ask in the
off chance that someone else had encountered it.  

Thanks for your time,

Steve    (