Oracle ODBC and Delphi and Just Plain Windows

I recently purchased Personal Oracle 8 and have been having several problems
with it and I was wondering if you could help to solve them.

Problem 1. Windows 95 (IE4) and Windows 98 (Beta 3)

 Oracle crashes out every time I try to connect through SQL-Net, when using
the Oracle Net8 Assistant the error is with JAVA and when using any other
application it  is in an unknown application.  I have tried this on several
machines to see if it is an isolated occurrence but it occurred on every
machine. (It does work on non IE4 / 98  machines though)

Problem 2. Oracle ODBC and Delphi 3.

 I am unable to connect to the Oracle 7 database when using Delphi 3 and the
ODBC driver ( and as Delphi crashes out reporting errors in
the following  modules :

 I can connect through SQL-Net fine and can connect through other 3rd Party
ODBC applications such as Microsoft Query but Delphi refuses to connect,
even the  Borland Database Engine configuration utility can connect.

 I looked for a newer ODBC driver but did not see one (I did download driver
version 8.0.4.x and noticed that in the help file there was a mention of
Delphi crashing if a  particular SQL operation was executed but no mention
in the driver I am using)

 Do you have any ideas which could help???

System Specifications
  Client Workstations : Intel P166 and P200's
      Windows 95 (and soon to be Windows 98)
      32 and 64 Mb RAM
      Some running Internet Explorer 4
      Personal Oracle 8 (

  Database Server  : RS6000 running AIX 4
      Oracle 7 database

  Network   : 10 base 3/5