BDE Trace Utility?

Hi All,

I have an app written in Delphi 5 (that I don't have access to the
code for) that is accessing a SQL 7 server via the BDE.  While running
SQL Profiler I notice that half way through the execution of a certain
stored procedure, the SQL server receives a request from the BDE
Client (the request comes through as garbage characters in SQL
Profiler).  Once SQL receives the mystery request, it issues a
disconnect for the given SPID.  I have double-checked my BDE settings
and there shouldn't be and TIMEOUTs/etc occurring at the point in
which the disconnect occurs.  I am trying to determine what request
the BDE is sending to the SQL server.  Does anyone know of a utility
that will trace BDE activity (a Profiler type tool for the BDE)?