PASDBK16.DLL GPF (thanks Dr. Bob)

I once wrote


> > All of a sudden I get a GPF in PASDBK16.DLL when I try to
> > run a program in D1.  The message advises me to shut down
> > Delphi and re-start it.  Any suggestions about why this might
> > be happening?

> > Thanks.

> > Eric
> >

> Does it happen only when you are debugging with the integrated de{*word*81}?
> That's when (and only when) it happens to me.

> As far as I can tell, it seems to happen when I step through code which
> ultimately results in windows messages being sent i.e. causes a screen
> refresh of some kind.

> When this happens, I just have to reach for Turbo De{*word*81}, which
> doesn't have the same problem
> --

> Stephen Walter

Since then, I've fixed the problem (that I've been having for over a
year now.

I was roaming through Dr. Bob's clinic, minding my own business, when I
chanced on the following tidbit:

It turns out that certain program manager extenders such as Plugin and
PCTOOLS trap interrupts which cause the Delphi 1.0 integrated de{*word*81}
to fall over with a GPF in PASDBK16.DLL. Unload the offender and the
problem goes away. At least it did for me.

Eric, tell me if the above applies to you. You might be getting a GPF in
that DLL for a different reason.