seeking programming partner for existing pascal database application

Reynolds Technology is a small company located in
Perth, Western Australia. I am the owner of said company.

We are an Internet Service Provider, do local computer
and network support, and are servicing many small business
internet access and design needs.

We also own a program called Newscare which is written
in Pascal.

It is essentially a database (B-Tree Filer) which records
the information for newspaper delivery people to run
and operate their businesses.

We currently have 95 registered users recorded.

They are a strange group of clients, who expect great
levels of service, and don't really want to pay for it.
But we're getting them trained a bit better now.

I'm hoping to find someone able to help me with a few
problems regarding this package:
 1. I can program, but have no desire to learn pascal
 2. There are on-going issues which need to be resolved
 3. A windows version will need to be done at some stage

I'm seeking a person who can pull the code apart, learn
how it works, fix it up, and be a valuable resource
over a couple of years.  

We can carry out the local client support, and charge
each a service contract of $450 a year. Half could
go to the phone support issues (us) and the other
half to programming additions and fixes.

Current programming issues:
 1. varifying year 2000 compliance (pretty much there.)
 2. removing a few niggly bugs
 3. preparing for Australian introduction of goods & services tax

If you have the time for such a project, or know of other
interested parties, please contact me by email