Questions about calling a DLL functions and shellnotifyicon() function

Hi All,

I need help on the following two questions:

1. I'm trying to execute the following code (still on Delphi 1.0):

        function SQLAllocEnv(var hEnv: word): word; far; external 'ODBC.DLL';
        function SQLFreeEnv(var hEnv: word): word; far; external 'ODBC.DLL';

        procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
          hEnv: word;
          SQLrc: word;
          SQLrc := SQLAllocEnv(hEnv);
          SQLrc := SQLFreeEnv(hEnv);

When execution starts, I receive an error message saying:

        Error creating process: file was not found (2)

This looks like my app wasn't able to find ODBC.DLL, but I made sure it
exists (in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM). More then that, the parallel code in VB 3.0
Professional executed this w/o a problem.

Any ideas?

2. In Delphi 2.0, I'm trying to find how to use the ShellNotifyIcon (WIN32
API), but the help doesn't provide any information about this. What unit
include this function?

Yoav Ben-Yosef
Haifa, Israel
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