Help !!! SOS :)

Hi, I'm a newbye to Delphi and to Windows and I'm having many problems
with them :...(   , right now I'm facing two   ?small? problems that I
just don't know how to solve:

1st.: Everytime I trye to put the focus on an  DBRadioGroup I have to
press 2 times the <Tab> key to put the focus on one of the items.
How can I put the focus in the component I want and how can I do to
use the <Tab> only one time ?

2: When the program have the focus on one component like a Group Box I
can' t get the Key code of the key I'm pressing, I want to use the
<Up> key to set the focus on other Object, how can I do it if I can't
get the key ?

Thanx to everybody, even if u don't know how to help me