Detail records not shown in Master-detail using BDE4.51 over NT


I'm using Delphi V3.0 over NT with BDE 4.51.

I've a Master-detail form.

Master has fields [No] (A13 key), and [some other fields].
Detail has fields [No] (A13 key), [Item] (A2 Key), and [some other fields].

The problem is if the [No] and [Item] fields are of type Alphanumeric
and the MasterTable and DetailTable are linked using the [No] field,
the detail records won't show on a DBGrid.

You see, the above is just a very simple Master-detail construct that
everyone will be familiar with.

The most strange things are:-
if the BDE is of older version, the problem disappear
if the OS is Win95 instead of WinNT, the problem disappear
if one of the fields [No] and [Item] of the detail table is not of type
Alphanumeric (e.g. Integer), the problem disappear
I have many other Master-detail form, but the problem does not esist.

I've tested this problem for a long time and suspect there must be something
with BDE4.51 over NT and I thing it is related to Index.

Anyone help, I'm really in a helpless state.