Path problem with DatabaseName prop of IBDatabase

Lo all,

I've just put together a small application which accesses an InterBase
Database thru the IB Server (6.0) which resides on an NT 4 server machine.
After having set the IBDatabase.DatabaseName property to a shared directory
on the server I try to contact the database thru the client app which is
installed on a Win98SE PC. I get an I/O error and sumtin about the file that
can't be found..
This is because the shared directory is called "J: " on the windows98
machine and when IBDatabase.Open(ing) ;) the database it is somehow
translated back to HARDDISK1/APPLICATIONDIR/MyDb.gdb. And so it cannot find
this file eventhough it does exist ...

How do I solve this problem? Any1?

Stefan & Hugo.