ODBC & MS ACCESS - TTable component - FieldByName method

Is this a known problem?

I created an alias for MS ACCESS using ODBC in the BDE.

In D2 I use a TTable componet to read from the MS ACCESS database. I
use the "FieldByName" method to access the individual fields. D2
returns with a run time error telling me it cannot find the coloumn I
specified. When you use the "fields" property combined with the .Name
property, guess what, it displays the same name as the one one I
speciied in the "FieldByName" method. Now this does not make sense!

Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround for this problem. I am
running the latest "System.dcu".

I appreciate your help

Marjo Kruger
Finical Solutions

Marjo Kruger
Finical Soltions