Urgent!!! ReportSmith Connecting to Delphi

I am attempting to use the feature of the Reportsmith that will allow
me to connect to a Delphi application and report the data from a given
query.  I want to be able to change the query at runtime in Delphi.
This means I want to change the  table that I am using in the query.
When I do this I get '#REF!' in all of my fields and I do not get the
fields associated with the new query.

I have also attempted to use the SQL and connect to Delphi.  This too
has been unsuccessful.  When I select 'Edit SQL' in the 'Report Query
- SQL' window I get an error dialog that says 'TSqllF: Function
missing from database access DLL' I click ok and get 3 more boxes that
have the exact same text.  I then click the connection box and I get
two more of the missing DLL boxes.  I then am successful in adding 1
Query and 1 Table to the list and their corresponding fields appear in
the list.  I then enter valid or invalid SQL and click test.  I get no
errors and no count of records whether or not the SQL is valid.  If I
click ok I get a message box titled Database Access and reads 'Unable
to Open File' and no report is created.

Also in the Table columns for a Delphi connection the abilty to
include or exclude fields is not available.

Mark Rupert