Accessing Query-result closing Dataset ???


I have a strange problem with a TQuery-component accessed via a Dataset.

The Code is as follows :

          If dm.dPlayer.Dataset.RecordCount > 0 then
              SBar.Panels[0].Text := 'Fields :
'+IntToStr(dm.dPlayer.Dataset.FieldCount)+' Recs '+
*             fTicket.Text :=
-             dm.dPlayer.Dataset.Open;
!              IF dm.dPlayer.Dataset.Fields[7].AsInteger = 1
                 Then  dbWinner.Visible := True Else dbWinner.Visible :=

The Code above does work.

If I remove the line marked with '-' the errormessage 'List Index out of
Bounds(7)' appears.
If I remove the line marked with '*' everything works fine except I
don't get the information I need. I have also tried to assign the
field-content to a Integer-variable with the same result.
The statement below the Begin-statement tells me that there is 1 record
containing 19 fields in the Query.

It seams to me that the Dataset closes each time the fields of Integer
type are accesses (content assigned to a variable or a
screen-component), checking the content works fine. Ref. line marked
with '!'

Is there a setting that causes this ? How can I resolve this problem ?

Please HELP !!!

Tor Kjell